Sheryn invited me to take pictures of her engagement party at the Mar Thoma Church of Philadelphia, several months ago. Leading to the engagement, Sheryn and I have kept contact. She seemed very calm about it, up until the day before. From her panic reaction making sure everything was right, I cant wait to see how she is the day before her wedding. (Expect an email from me Sheryn!)

When I arrived at the venue, Saturday, it was to my surprise that Jason, Sheryn’s fiance, is someone I know. In fact, only a couple months ago, I took pictures of Jason’s nephew’s baptism in New York. Its quite is a small world.

I really enjoyed the engagement party, and had a great time documenting that day. Here are some sneak peak pictures from the event. There is also few pictures of their small portrait session right after.

If you like the images, please let Sheryn & Jason know by commenting down below.

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