A couple of weeks ago I did my first ever pregnancy gender reveal session for a couple that I have known for a while now. Johnson and Bincy approached me for a photo session to tell everyone the gender of their new baby. We all agreed that an outdoor session would be great, because of the wonderful Fall colors. On the day of the session, I went over their house and they explained to me what their idea was. They had a friend find out their baby’s gender and place either pink or blue balloons into a box. They would only find out the moment they opened the box, and I would be there to capture their reaction. Johnson and Bincy have two sweet dogs, Maverick and Buddy. So we, humans and dogs, went together to a small field near their home. The color of the trees were so vivid, and the timing was perfect as the sun was just beginning to set. We photographers call this the golden hour, because the sun is a vivid gold, non harsh light, perfect for shooting portraits. I really loved how their pictures turned out. I was excited and honored to be one of the first to know their child’s gender. Here are some pictures from their gender reveal:
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