The Mathew family enjoyed their baptism pictures of Naomi so much, that they also invited me to take few portrait images for their family. The polar vortex which caused abnormal cold days this Autumn, did not stop the parents and kids from going outside. They were real troopers. We started out taking few indoor portraits, and then went out together to Lorimer Park. Overall the sun was out, but it must have felt like it was below the freezing point. As cold as it was, it did not phase the youngest, Naomi, as all she wanted to do was run around. As we moved through the fields, we encountered some creatures who had not yet flown south for the winter. Naomi was fearless, as she swiftly chased the geese all over the field. Despite the bitter cold, the trees and leaves still had beautiful autumn colors. We all had a blast. Check out some of the images below. If you like the images, please comment below or on the Facebook post, letting the Mathew family know how you feel.
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