I had the honor to take family portraits of the Varghese family. Not only is this family one of our closest friends, but we consider them part of our family. Rather than taking portraits at a park location, something we have already done, I suggested we try something different. I suggested we shoot downtown, in Old City, Philadelphia. I usually shoot in this area with my high school seniors and fashion models. I thought their color scheme along with the brick and cobble stone roads, would really mesh together well. We had a blast down in Old City. First, We started shooting in Elfreth’s Alley, “America’s oldest continuously inhabited residential street.” We made our way through other alleys, which were more private. The kids had an awesome time running through them. We also took some fun shots. One of them had Tracy and Jordyn pull out their Elsa spell against Joe and the boys. In another fun shot, we took time remaking a Kardashian family portrait, or in this case The Vargashian Family Portrait. Thanks again Joe and Tracy for allowing me to shoot your family portraits! Here are some of the images below. Please take some time and comment below, letting the Varghese family know how you feel.
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